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This industry is so full of headshots and tightly controlled online personas that most organizations really don't know who they're actually hiring. My name is Kevin Keyes and this is why I wanted to offer a closer look at the reasons I started Munivate along with some insight into what led me here. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me personally to learn even more. I would love to take your call.
Layney breathes life into our home with her wit, humor, youth, and positive energy.


Aspen is a funny, athletic, and extremely sociable person. 

He is the Quarterback of his football team and he loves working with younger kids to help them learn to play as well. 

Aspen is the spirit, strength, and health of our home.
Lily is smart, funny, and creative. 

She keeps our home in order and makes sure we don't forget anything, including getting our youngest off the bus! Lily is the heart and soul of our home. 
Lacey is the most talented person in our home. 

She is a perfect mix of humor, wit, creativity, work-ethic, love, and organization. 

She is the foundation of our home.


Started work on a joint partnership project with IBM, Preferred Solutions, and Domino's Pizza to convert all US locations to their new proprietary Pulse point-of-sale system and Online Ordering portal


Began work with BS&A Software where I would eventually implement over 300 Community Development, Business Licensing, Work Order, and Citizen Request projects for US municipalities


Founded Munivate to combine over a decade of knowledge in Community Development domain and software, GIS, Data Conversion, Project Management, and the ERP Sales Process to help the Municipal market get the most of their solutions




In-depth insight into over 300 municipality business processes, ideas, best practices, trials, errors, successes, and failures. Domain expertise over the entire Land Development and management process including Economic Development, Planning, Zoning, Engineering, ROW, SESC, Plan Review, Permitting, Inspections, Bonds, Escrows, Code Enforcement, Rental Licensing, Business Licensing, Floodplain Management/CRS, Self Service, Other Miscellaneous Licensing and Permits, etc.


Expert level knowledge in Community Development relational database design structure, including in-depth knowledge and experience with nearly every top vendor in the market. In-depth knowledge of case data management, attachments, and spatial storage techniques, including OTM and MTM, as well as both file system reference and byte array methods.


Deep understanding of high-value GIS integration concepts, including smart workflows that utilize spatial analysis during system automation, map reproduction, and data exchange using Esri's Rest services. Additionally, strong knowledge of spatial data type storage and management concepts within databases. 


Consultative-level understanding of financial management concepts related to Community Development, including but not limited to General Ledger, Chart Of Accounts, Journal Entries, Cash and Accrual accounting methods, Escrow and Bond management, Cash Receipting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable. 


Experienced with multiple platforms including Cloud and On-Premise solutions, as well as standalone, home-grown, and ERP. 


Act 54 approved trainer who takes pride specifically in bridging the gap between technical jargon and practical use. Effectively trained thousands of users on various software applications and business processes. 


Project management portfolio that includes over 250 successful projects for municipalities ranging from 1,000 to 200,000 in population.

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