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Project Management

by Munivate

Why contract?

Once you have decided on new software, the real work begins. Software vendors will typically require a point person at the municipality to represent the municipality and keep the trains running on time for the course of the project. This can be a substantial burden when added to an already busy staff. 

Contracting project management services to represent you during the implementation process can ease this burden on your team and produce a higher quality implementation experience for your team. This service can prove to be valuable in helping keep your organization running efficiently while you make this important transition. 

We also understand that every organization is different. Some may need just a small amount of assistance to help plan and organize a project while others may need someone to control the activities until the project has been closed out and all deliverables fulfilled. 

Why MuniVate?

For over a decade, we have been uniquely positioned on the vendor-side of the industry, allowing us to gain a deep understanding of the implementation requirements of municipal software migrations. 


This experience allows us to provide intuitive project management experiences for your team and take on the burden of ensuring a successful outcome for your organization. We are subject-matter experts in municipal processes and software and we believe our unique and specific experience in this area allows us to provide you a level of service that cannot be replicated. 

Whether it's a standalone business application, a public self-service platform, or an entire ERP system you need, we can help you manage the implementation of it. 

We will help plan, schedule, control, and execute all of the activities required on your implementation project using a hybrid project management model that combines the best elements from both agile and waterfall methodologies. 

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