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Onboarding Documentation

by Munivate

Why contract?

Without documentation of internal processes, sometimes known as Standard Operating Procedures, onboarding new team members can be difficult, and inconsistent routines can emerge. 

This lack of consistency can create issues between teams and harm interoperability as teams can't rely on a single set of expectations. Instead, the output of a process can vary depending on the individual assigned to the deliverable or process. 

Why MuniVate?

Munivate can help by working with your staff and identifying internal processes, creating workflow diagrams, process definitions, and onboarding documentation to correspond, and based upon your current software vendors, even make configuration changes in your software to match the established processes. 

We have years of experience doing this very thing for hundreds of municipalities.

Request a time to meet to discuss more about how we can help organize and document your internal processes. 

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