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Through its alliance with BS&A Software, MuniVate has created an on-demand library of training videos related to both the BS&A .Net and Cloud platforms. Additionally, MuniVate can create custom training videos, LMS courses, and other onboarding content specific to your unique processes.

MuniVate also offers a range of professional services such as change management for new implementations, collaborating with and complementing BS&A’s Project Management services by serving as the client-side lead on implementation projects.

For existing BS&A Community Development customers, we also offer current and future-state process definition and documentation, database configuration, and training services. We can help you maximize your investment and get the most of your BS&A Community Development Software.


Partners and Alliances


Munivate is excited to collaborate with Mike Jesse, an FAA Licensed drone pilot with deep municipal experience, having served as both a Certified Building Official and Certified Floodplain Manager, most recently with the Village of Lincolnshire, IL. 

Mike brings this incredible experience to the drone industry where he provides services to both the public and private sector. 

Municipalities can leverage drone services for a range of purposes such as more affordably replacing traditionally expensive updates to aerial GIS imagery, providing fast situational awareness for flooding and other natural disasters, tracking progress on developments and monitoring site conditions such as soil erosion and stormwater management, showcasing infrastructure to attract, keep, and engage residents and businesses, and even doing all of this routinely at a fraction of the cost of traditional flown methods. 

Local government has become the new frontier on innovation. Reach out to us here at Munivate or Mike Jesse directly to learn more about how drone services can help your community achieve its Community and Economic Development goals today.  

Mike Jesse Drones

Human conversations are essential to recruiting and hiring the best talent.

However, manually scheduling calls, scribbling notes and typing candidate write-ups are tedious tasks that slow down the recruiting process.

Honeit automatically records, transcribes and parses interview questions and answers from live phone calls and video conversations. Honeit creates a new data layer of interview intelligence that can be searched, shared and analyzed for faster team decisions and higher quality hiring.

The Honeit interview platform combines scheduling automation, conversation intelligence and interview collaboration to simplify hiring.

Executive Recruiters and Talent Partners say Honeit is a game-changer.

Honeit was designed by recruiters to fit every workflow and integrate with every ATS, CRM and HR technology stack.

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