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Organization Assessments

by Munivate

Why contract?

Even the best organizations can improve. As time, technology, personnel, and your community change, so do the requirements needed to provide great service delivery. Often times, it's best to take a step back and look at the structure of teams and the systems in place to improve each of the processes managed by them.

This effort can lead not only to improved service and communication, faster review times, better inspections, and higher overall satisfaction but can result in more investment in your community as you become easier, quicker, and safer to do business with. 

Municipalities often have someone within the organization with the skill set required to perform an assessment of this nature, however besides the challenge of simply finding a resource who is capable and also available internally, it becomes difficult to remain neutral, fact-based, and unbiased when taking on this type of challenge internally. 

Why MuniVate?

Staff at Munivate have worked with over 300 Community Development teams around the country and are uniquely positioned to provide both recent and relevant experience towards helping your teams meet the challenges ahead of them. Since the industry changes so rapidly, we don't rely on our past experience alone; we are emersed in the industry on a daily basis and can help measure your community to industry benchmarks, then create and implement plans to exceed them.

Whether it's a single process, a single department, or an entire organization, we can help.


We will collaborate to plan, schedule, control, and execute all of the activities required to assess current processes, interview and survey stakeholders, identify comparable benchmarks, and develop a comprehensive report on the findings with a proposed implementation plan. We can even help implement the changes within your organization, staying by your side until the improvements have been fully implemented and the benefits are realized.  

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