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Software Procurement

by Munivate

Why contract?

Managing the selection process for new software can be very challenging for teams. Identifying system requirements, issuing RFP's, coordinating vendor demo's, and negotiating contracts can be a full time job for staff who are already busy with their day-to-day responsibilities. 

Achieving internal buy-in and support for a project while simultaneously leading the selection process can feel like a conflict of interest to many who will be affected within an organization. This can be challenging for staff to navigate and truly remain neutral and unbiased, especially if they also have a seat on the steering committee. 

Contracting with the right third-party to help manage the procurement process can greatly increase positive outcomes, reduce or eliminate tension among team members, and increase overall buy-in. 

Lastly, it removes the individual ownership of final decisions and replaces it with a collaborative process and a collective ownership of the outcome.  

Why MuniVate?

For over a decade, we have been uniquely positioned on the vendor-side of the industry, allowing us to gain a deep understanding of the selection and purchasing process from that perspective.


This experience allows us to gain an advantage for you during the procurement process by understanding what to expect from vendors during the process, their pricing methodologies, and the best ways to ensure system and service requirements are represented and accounted for effectively and thoroughly. 

Whether it's a standalone business application, a public self-service platform, or an entire ERP system you need, we can help you find it. 

We will help guide your team through the vendor selection process from requirements analysis to RFP preparation, all the way to the final contract execution. 

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