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5 Possible Reasons Your Municipal ERP Software Isn't Working For You

Updated: Sep 21, 2022


If you find yourself underwhelmed by your current ERP system, you may have discussed replacing it. While this may be the right solution, let's first take a look at a few common causes of this to help determine whether moving is necessary and what can be done to avoid issues in the future.

1. Failed Initial Implementation

A poor or failed implementation is one of the top reasons for users being unhappy with their current solution. The are many possible reasons for a failed implementation but lack of buy-in is one of the most common.

Without buy-in, you are unlikely able to obtain the collaboration from end-users and other stakeholders that is required in order to select the correct software, configure and migrate it properly, or even train thoroughly and efficiently. Failure to do these things well on a software implementation project will lead to a product that is never fully implemented. You may go-live on time and budget, but you will likely never fully realize the software's potential in your organization unless everyone is onboard.

Obtaining buy-in needs to be a collaborative effort between the project sponsors, project leads, project managers, and the end-users. Change management is one of the most important activities organizations overlook when taking on software migrations or upgrades.

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