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BS&A Training as a Service (TaaS)

by Munivate

Why contract?

BS&A software has a full-time development team who is constantly adding new features into the existing software. While this is a great value to your municipality, keeping up with these valuable changes and training staff on how to use them can be a bit of a challenge. 

Also, onboarding new employees can be time-consuming with all of the departmental processes and resources for them to get up-to-speed on, learning your ERP system is one more challenge in this process. 

Lastly, although very intuitive, often-times, your contractors can use a little education on getting started on BS&A's online self-service platform and learning about all of the resources available to them. 

Remedying these training challenges long-term can be quite expensive. Fortunately, Munivate has just launched a new and innovative way to solve this problem, Taas (Training as a Service). This NEW service grants you UNLIMITED access to LIVE remote training sessions performed by a highly experienced trainer. You can pay per session, or purchase an unlimited plan which covers all session for all users in your municipal organization. 

Sessions are broken out into specific topics and offered routinely (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually) based on their popularity. 

Some sessions cover the basics like overviews, data entry, etc., other sessions are more advanced and cover report designing and back-end configuration, other sessions are externally-facing for your contractors, and there is even a session dedicated to demonstrating the new features.

Why MuniVate?

Munivate is the only company offering this new and exciting type of service for BS&A Community Development Software customers. 

Also, we are highly experienced with BS&A after spending more than a decade implementing BS&A Community Development software to over 300 municipalities. 

Lastly, this service was designed to be offered at a transparent and low cost in order to allow even smaller municipalities and ones on tight budgets to start getting more from their BS&A Software. 


What Cost?

We are offering TaaS on a transparent, tiered pricing schedule based on the population of your municipality. Each subscription includes an unlimited number of users from the Municipality the subscription is for. We understand that population isn't always a great indicator of your relative size or volume such as Counties who perform limited permitting, for instance. If you believe your situation warrants another look, please don't hesitate to reach out and we'll discuss a plan that works best for your situation. 

All subscriptions are billed annually with monthly costs listed. 


Register now or reach out to learn more!

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